10+ Hidden Android features you must know

10+ Hidden Android features that You must use and you must know it

Hidden features of Android

One of the beauties of android is how featured it is. We think we know all the features but we truly don't know. Well it is time to know the useful Hidden Features In Android.

Today in this article I am going to show you 10 Hidden Features In Android that truly going to surprise you. 


1. Uninstall Multiple Apps

Uninstalling apps one by one is an annoying task. I know Custom ROM like MIUI Supports batch uninstallation but If you don't have a MIUI. There's a feature in android to uninstall the apps very quickly. It's in the Play Store, So All you Need to do is 

- open the play store
- goto my apps and games, then
- just goto the install tab, Now
- you can see the storage option, open it
- And you will get the free up space, page with the apps and games which you have installed.
- Then select the multiple app, which you would like to Uninstall
- After doing that hit the Uninstall button.

2. Silent

So, what exactly are silent notifications. Well this notifications are just directly slide into the notification shade or notification center and they don't make a sound, don't make a vibration or even sometimes show on the top as a banner. These are the notification which comes in every 30 minutes, therefore you will see it whenever you opens the home screen of your phone. To avoid this just follow this steps. If you are a android 10 user, 

- Just press and hold the notification you want to hide,
- And Set the type of notification to other,
- (other option is used for less important notification)

That's it, the notification will never pop up like a banner on your notification panel.

3. Clear Storage

Almost, All of us use chrome on our android smartphone. But did you know that you can use the chrome to free up some space on your smartphone?
Yes, this can happen.

- In Chrome Settings, Just go to Site settings
- Then goto storage
- On your phone screen you can see some websites that are taken some storage in your phone,
- Anyway, these are the websites, Taking up GB's of space.
- So, to clear it, press Clear Site Storage And Done.

Some storage and clear and your phone will free up.

4. Dark Mode In All Apps

Android 10 dark mode is awesome. It turns all the app theme dark, However Some app still don't have a dark theme like WhatsApp or any other app which is not supporting dark mode. Well there is a new feature comes in Android 10. So,

- Goto Developer Options
- Click on Override force dark

This option will forces the dark mode in every single app, which is not supporting the dark mode. Even the non supported apps will also turns dark. This is supercool option.

5. Android Features

Capitalize words Quickly

Most of the android users use G-Board which is keyboard application made by Google. Here is an amazing trick, after reading this you might laugh.. So while you are typing and want to capitalize the first letter of a word or even capitalize the whole word or the whole sentence, there is no easy way to do it, right.. NO!! It is simple, 

- If you want to capitalize something 
- then select the sentence and hit the shift button

That's it!! This will also work when you want to uncapitalize something.. It's Simple.

6. Set Timers On Websites

App timer is great, but if always thought about to setting a timer on chrome, You know that, it does not work.. Chrome can be distracting and you want to set timer on that, But chrome is also something you need, research about something, learn the important things. Anyway, with the new digital wellbeing update. There is a solution for this.

- Just goto Digital Wellbeing & parental controls
- and under chrome, you can see the websites that you are visiting a lot.
- So, you can set the timer on specific websites that are distracting you.

7. Quiet Notification Prompts

There is a question, What is the most annoying thing  website? Suppose, you are surfing on website and you can see a type of ad which is asking to send you the notifications. Chrome has add a new option 

- Quieter Notification Prompts
- goto chrome flag page and enabled it on

Then visit the website that shows the notification. And what you will see is that notification pop up option will be removed.

8. Battery Saver (Based On Routine)

I am sure that you know the battery saver. That gets turn on in the certain battery percentage. But you know what, android 10 brings a new cool option here, In Android 10 you can set the battery saver to turn on, based on your routine. This option is available on OnePlus 7 series smartphones, but this option may be comes in other devices too. 

9. Street View Layer

Google street view is cool, but previously you have to use the google street view dedicated app. Well things has change now, All you have to do is the good, old amazing google maps app.

- So google maps app on android has got a new dedicated street view layer.
- This makes things very simple.
- All you need to do is just enabled it.

10. Themeing Option

So, google has been working on a theme app for Pixel 4 devices. And it is amazing with very features. Android 10 has also bring a basic theme option.

- goto developers options in settings
- scroll down and click on Accent colour
- you can also change the icons shape from there.

These are some useful and hidden features on Android. If you love to use android especially Stock android, then this article must be helpful for you.

Thankyou for visiting this blog. I wish you all a very happy and a good day :-)

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