8 Cool Android App tricks you must know


There are certain popular apps that we use every day like WhatsApp, YouTube, G-Mail, Google Maps etc.. Well, all of this popular apps have certain tricks, that many people are not aware of it. Well, I am going to show some interesting tricks in this article..


1. Set YouTube Music Alarms

Alarms are the necessity. We all use them, But the usual regular alarm tone is not really enough to wake up us sometime, especially in freezing cold winter season. Suppose your favourite music - your favourite track playing as the alarm tone. That would be better, Right!!

So the stock clock app on the android has the really cool feature.

- open alarm app
- tap on Alarm Sound
- And, you will see one option there, named as youtube and spotify.
- Select the track which you would like.

That's it!! Now you can set the any sound track which you would like, from Spotify or YouTube.

2. Stabilize Videos

Most phones don't have Optical Image Stabulisation (OIS). Most budget smartphones, Mid ranges and even flagship phone like the Redmi K20 Pro or the Realme X2 Pro, Don't come with OIS. They have Electronic Image Stabulisation (EIS), which is fine but it really not work in 4K videos and it is not super stable as we like. Now, Google Photos has really cool, Underrated Stabilization feature has been getting better. So, what you have to do your video stabilize is

- Click on edit option
- And you get the option to Stabilizing the video

Just tap that option and google photos will stabilize things.

3. Block Website Notifications Pop - Ups

Okay So, while surfing from browser like chrome, In some website you will see some pop - ups, which is asking you to allow to send the notifications of ads. Almost everyone hates that. It is just super annoying and sometimes we accidently press on allow of the pop - ups. Anyway, many people don't know, but there is a option on google chrome to block all of these notification pop - ups once and for all. 

- just open the chrome browser
- goto settings of chrome
- goto the site settings page
- And then, press on notifications
- just turn off the notification toggle which was previously on.

And, that's it!! Say good by to annoying pop ups. And Live in Peace. This option is life saver for those who hates the pop - ups of notification. 

By the way, In chrome there is a really cool new gesture. Just tap on the Tap feature button which is  near the URL link, to quickly open a new tab or new incognito tab or to close that particular tab.

4. Off Route Alerts

See, there are lot of safety concerns when it comes to women travelling and the Taxi specially at night and Google is aware of it. For this, Google has bought a really cool Off Route feature in google maps. This is an important feature that we should all know about, so that we can tell our family or friends, etc..

So, when you sit on a Cab, just enter the location you are heading to, and you will see the route on your google maps app. Now, you will see a new option on google maps is

- Click on Stay Safer
- And, enable Off Route Alerts.

By enabling this feature. It will alert you, If your Cab will go on Wrong route and cross 500 meters. And you can share your live location to someone personal, to whom you trust more.

5. Interpreter Mode

Google introduce a Interpreter Mode, It is something that every one should know about, I mean we have all face the problem, is being in the place where language is spoken different, which you don't know or you can't understand. Right!!

- Enter the Interpreter Mode on Google Assistant which is the new improved version recently arrived on phones.
- So In the Interpreter mode, You can talk to people in unknown languages.

6. Get Remainders On WhatsApp

WhasApp is one App that we use very numerous time in every single day. So how about the ability to get remainders in WhatsApp. That sounds pretty, Well you can do that. Thanks to Any.do app a very popular remainder app.

- install Any.do remainder app
- goto settings
- goto integrations 
- And, select WhatApp
- Now just enter your WhatsApp number.
- Once it verify, You will get the WhatsApp message from the Any.Do
- Send the message and a remainder will set.

You need the premium subscription of Any.Do to try this feature. But the Free Trial is available for limited time, So you can try it out.

7. Remove Third Party App Access

We are all play some stupid games and stupid quiz on facebook. And,in the process of playing these games and quiz you hand it over your facebook data to these apps and services that are not more trust worthy. Well, It's time to take control.. Well

- Just open up Facebook 
- goto Settings & Ptivacy
- In the security section, just open up Apps and website.
- Now just use the option(logged in) in Facebook
- there you can see the apps which you use to log in, with Facebook.
- Whatever apps or website you found harmful remove it from there.

8. Disable Forwarding & Copying Of Emails

You are sending someone an email with your private details like your bank account details or your adhar card details, Now you don't want that someone would Copy or forward your email. Right!! 

Well, there a way to stop people in gmail for Copying or forwarding an email. It's pretty simple,

- goto gmail
- while sending an mail to someone or while composing,
- enable the mode like expiry of details and adding passcode option.

Well, these are some really cool android app tricks that were shown in this article.

Thankyou for visiting this blog, I wish you all a very happy and a nice day :-)

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