Best earbuds of 2020 - The AMAZFIT POWERBUDS




Amazfit is now a truly Wireless Buds. The "AMAZFIT POWER BUDS". It was the most featured packed wireless earbuds.


So, as you can see in the picture given below. These are the new AMAZFIT POWER BUDS and they come in three cool color variants. All of them have the smooth pattern as you can see in this white variant

But, this is a texture that is the most prominent  in the black one as it's red but it looks very cool and awesome. Anyway, This are the new sporty wireless earbuds, So they have the full in year design.The earbuds are fairly lightweight and they come with different tips, So it should fit most people. 

The earbuds comes with the Sport Ear hooks that stay in the charging case. So, you have them at all time. Now, the earbud offers magnetic ear hooks to make sure that earbuds should not fall down while doing intensive exercise. Another thing to note, on the design front is the fact that, these are "IPX5 Water Resistance" ear buds. So, these should be fine with sweat and rain.

When, it comes to the build quality, It beat the earbuds or case and they are fairly premium build, So no problems here. Coming to the features now, The amazfit power buds are one of the most feature packed wireless earbuds. First off all, lets talk about the big one, the amazfit power buds come with the PPG Heart Rate Sensor built in. So, you will be able to monitor your heart rate during workouts with easy using these earbuds which is more awesome now. Amazfit tell's that you will get voice notifications, when your heart rate exceeds a certain number you have set, this makes more exited and more awesome to this earbuds.


The earbuds will also bring your workout details like the pace, the duration and more apart from the heart rate tracking features. The amazfit power buds come with all the usual features that we always want in wireless earbuds. There are touch controls, So you can play or pause music, skip tracks or activate google assistance, All of this app are set to be customizable in the app. Then, there is wear-it action which is one feature that is super cool. So with this you can just take out the earphones from your ears and the playback stops.  There are also a couple of modes, There is a new mode which can be enable with a single tap

- this is the mode, that increases the ambient noise
- when you are may be running outdoors you can hear the surrounding traffic conditions.
- However, if you are working out indoors and you want the dark night music playing in the background to really pump you up, there is a motion beat mode for that which enhances the bass. So, your workout becomes more dynamic.

Another feature to note is, ENC Noise Reduction for Calls with dual mics for a better quality during calls. All of these features sound great.

Lastly, there is the battery and this is where the Amazfit Powerbuds will impress you the most. The earbuds are rated for the 8 Hours on Single Charge and that is with heart rate monitoring turned on. It is honestly, really impressive. Most truly wireless earbuds don't this kind of battery life. The realme buds Air, They last around 3 - 4 hours battery life, The Apple Airpods Pro, They last around 4 - 5 hours of battery life. Plus, you will get another 16 hours with discharging case, that's a total of 24 hours. Now the charging case is also good looking and it has USB - C port which is just perfect. 

The pricing of the AMAZFIT POWERBUDS will arrive in February 2020 and it will arrive at $99 which is around Rs 7014 in India.

This powerbuds brings main features like:

- heart rate monitoring
- magnetic earhooks
- different sound modes 
- a big battery life
- touch controls 
- variant action ENC with good sound quality.

Amazft can brings this in India soon because from looks of it, The Amazfit Powerbuds seemed like a Winner.

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