Best phone of 2020

Best phone of 2020

The Most Anticipated Phone of 2020

The Most Awaited Phone of 2020


Will POCO F2 should be the phone on 2020?

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There are lots of Phones that will force you to buy them in Year 2020. There will be obviously from the flagship from Samsung, OnePlus, Apple, Xiaomi and there are obviously interesting phones like Galaxy Fold 2, Surface Duo and a lots of more.

However, you must guessed the most anticipated phone of 2020 is not one of these. It's a different phone altogether. Let me give you two Hints

HINT 1 - This is a phone that we have been waiting for quite a long time.

HINT 2 - This phone is the successor to the most popular phone of Year 2018.

POCO F2 can be the Best phone of 2020 ?

The phone that we are looking about is POCO F2. The POCO F2 is most definitely the most anticipated phone of year 2020. The POCO F2 is the phone that we are talked in all of 2019, every other week there be news, rumors, speculations leaks around the POCO F2 but yeah he POCO F2 Did not arrived in 2019. Now, we kind of knew it or we kind of expected it. If you saw a video. But now we have the good reason to believe that the POCO F2 Is coming in Year 2020 Finally!! Now the good reason is a tweet.
This is tweet from the "POCO's Global Head Alvin Tse" in response to a user asking, when is the POCO F2 coming. Now obviously they are not details and in the tweet they just says, you will hear a lot about POCO in 2020. However, this is also the first time since quite a while that the POCO or Xiaomi official has mentioned the POCO Brand and now that the tweet which has been deleted. This makes us think that the POCO F2 is definately coming in 2020.

So, If the POCO F2 is coming then i hope, it does, it has to be the most awaited phone of 2020. And since it's being once and a half years, Since the first look of the POCO F1. We can hope that the POCO F2 will be a big - big upgrade, An upgrade that even the POCO F1 users can go for POCO F2. 

So, what should the POCO F2 come with ?

First of all it should fix all the issues from the POCO F1.
- Like, The POCO F1 Design is not much good as we want. The POCO F1 design is solid but not much premium.
- Along with this, POCO F2 can come with wireless charging, or
- An IP Rating.

This is 2020 , so it should be a big upgrade

Second, the display. 
- The POCO F1 Display is good but, it has an IPS LCD and a big notch with big bezels.
- In 2020, this are not going to happen.
- So in POCO F2 , we can hope that. We get AMOLED display with a punch hole design.

Since, Punch hole design are going to be trend in 2020. In the camera side, The POCO F2 should come with the multiple cameras including an Ultra Wide Angle Lens. So, how got the Multiple camera setup of Mi Note 10. That is the phone that got the cameras for every single situation out there.

- A 50X Zoom in the ultra telephoto sensor
- A 12 Megapixel for telephoto sensor which also called as Portrait Mode.
- A insane 108 Megapixel Sensor
- A 20 Megapixel Ultra Wide - Angle Lens and
- A 2 Megapixel for Macro Lens

Everything, perfect for the POCO F2. Moving on the things under the hood, there is another speculation around at the POCO F2 might comes with the Snapdragon 765 chipset, which is a decently powerful chipset but you know what, If you ask me, I think above the POCO F1 success POCO F2 should come with snapdragon 865 chipset. We can hope that the 5G modem might make things expensive. But, It's okay with POCO F2, getting a little expensive  as long as it packs in the flagship chipset. Apart from that, A slightly bigger battery and recently fast charging along with MIUI got POCO with no ads whatsoever should be just fine for all POCO users.

So, POCO F2 with of all these features should be become more awesome. But, keep in mind that all of this right now is just wishful thinking, pure wishful thinking. 

- There is no Confirmation from Xiaomi, 
- No launch date, 
- No specs, 
- No numers and 
- yeah like we see, nonody at Xiaomi or from POCO has confirmed at the POCO F2 is definately coming in 2020. Having said that we can really hope that the POCO F2 arrives in India in 2020. 

Just go ahead and tag POCO's global head and POCO's India head on twitter:


To make sure that, how much exited we all are for POCO F2 in 2020 because until it launches POCO F2 should become the most awaited phone of 2020.

Thankyou for visiting this blog. I wish you all a very happy and a good day :-)

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