OnePlus Concept One First Impressions

OnePlus Concept One First Impressions and Review !!

OnePlus has just revealed its first Concept Smartphone. ''The OnePlus Concept One''. And well, there is lots of curiosity around it.


Okay, So this is it..

This is the new OnePlus Concept One And everything is concepty about this phone is on its back. As you can see in picture, that this is Another OnePlus phone which is created in Partnership with McLaren. The Concept One obviously has the Orange Papaya Leather Stitch on the back in typical rail track style And its looks great. But the highlight on this phone is the New Back Camera Glass. The OnePlus Concept One feature an Electrochromic Glass which make the camera on this phone invisible when you are not using it. Its all black seamless flush on the back and cool looking when you are not using them. But the moment you open up the camera app, The camera's on the back becomes visible. Its all Super Cool.


The feature has been inspired by the Sunroof in High End McLaren Cars Like the McLaren 720S which have the same Electrochromic glass that go from transparent to translucent. So, the concept one camera will be visible when you open your Camera app. And, it will visible instantly. That really looks awesome. Onceplus Concet One takes 0.7 Seconds to visible and its really fast.

So the question is how does this technology work ?

Thinnest Electrochromic (EC) Glass

Well, in top side I have written that OnePlus Concept One features an Electrochromic back and this solution features two layers of glass with the Electrochromic Material In between, both the glass panel get conducted. Since, the glass is conductive, It can use the current from the phone to change the visibility of the glass. So, it can makes things darker or lighter depending when you are using the camera.

So, you must be thinking what about the power consumption that must be higher.. Right?

Well, According to Oneplus the battery consumption is isn't much. They said, the Concept One has exact same battery life as the OnePlus 7T Pro. The Phone, The concept phone is based on that, this is pretty Cool. Also, If you wondering about the durability, it should not be a problem. Because on the top of glass, there is same Gorilla Glass with the Electrochromic layer below it. So, that's fine..

This is noticeable that the Electrochromic Glass is hiding the three cameras as well as the LED Flash. So, what happen, when you use the torch to enable the flash light feature. The Cameras will be hidden but the flash light will glow and it will visible without showing camera. Once you turn off the flash, It will go back to hidden feature because of Electrochromic Glass.

OnePlus has added the new camera feature which is using the Electrochromic Glass. In the Pro Mode of the Camera App. You can see the new ND8 Option, which means you can enable it, to take long exposure shots or darken shots, entire you need to balance the exposure. This feature might come in handy for a lot of people.

So, why is the OnePlus Concept One is concept phone, I mean everything's seems to work just fine. So, Why the Concept tag?

Well OnePlus has a very Simple Answer for this. OnePlus says that, they want to test out the invisible Cameras more extensively to see how they perform in Long term Usage. Plus there are factors like Cost and Production, So it will be some trying before we actually see the invisible camera in Proper OnePlus Phone we can buy. 

Is there anything else special about this Concept Phone? 

OnePlus Concept Phone is just the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition.
- The Processor 
- The Curve Display
- Battery 
Everything remains exactly the same.

All in all, the OnePlus Concept One invisible camera feature is game changer. This new Tech. does not really solve a problem on anything. But it looks cool, The invisible cameras tag just makes up for a beautiful and a seemless looking phone with no ugly camera bumps or any cutouts. Now, if OnePlus 8 will comes with wireless charging, that would be great!!

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