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If you have been using PC's for long time, You know that keyboard shortcuts are best way to use the computer. While the Windows 10 now supports the cool gestures and trackpads, now you got better, nothing fast as using simple keyboards shortcut to get the job done.

So if you want to be a keyboard Ninja on Windows 10 this article is for you :-
Hey Guys, I am going to show you some really good windows 10 keyboard shortcuts, that will save your time and make you faster.


1. Capture Snippets

If you are like the person who takes lots of screenshots, Searching for the Snipping tool or using the printscreen and then cropping the required part is too much of a work, when the day has just 24 hours. Alternatively you can use..

Press -  WINDOWS + SHIFT + S

And then select the area of the screen which you would like to capture. It's that simple! However the cropped screenshot is automatically saved and you will have to paste it and save it manually. Also, to be know  this shortcut will work if your PC is running on latest windows 10 creators updates.

2. Snap Windows Easily

If you like to do multi task, like someone who dedicates half of the screen space to one side watching videos and other side brousing. Then you will find this shortcut which is given below, Sure you can use some mouse to snap windows but this cool shortcut is certainly the faster and easier way. All you have to do is..


And your window will snap to the left or right. Well here's a quick quiz, try pressing WINDOWS + DOWN ARROW KEY (TWICE) and let me know the answer in the comments.

3. Rename Folders

Renaming a file demands a total of two clicks. But does it deserve that? NO!! I don't think so. Well here's a alternate, easy way to do so. Just select the folder or file, you want to rename and 
Press - F2 and that's it.

4. Switch Between Virtual Desktops

If you have been a Mac User previously, you must have used the virtual desktop feature a lot! Well Microsoft introduced this feature in windows 10. And if you love the virtual desktop feature on Windows. Then this keyboard shortcut is going to mean a lot to you. If you press the keyword Compo 

Press - WINDOWS + CTRL + D 

A new virtual desktop opens and if  you have already open a multiple virtual desktop. All you have to do is, Use the keyword combo.


To switch between them. Its easy!!

5. Paste without formatting

Suppose, You are researching about some topic and you are taking reference from multiple websites and copying text, but what you see is copied text comes with a formatting of its own which make your document look upset. Here's how you can avoid that, Just copy it the way you normally want and while pasteing use.

Press - CTRL + SHIFT + V 

And you will see on your Computer screen that, the text will be pasted without any formatting. It will definitely save your lot of time.

6. Game Bar

Though, I am not much a gamer, this is suddenly a handy keyboard shortcut for everyone who is interested in PC Gaming. 

Press - WINDOWS + G

And you will see on your PC screen that gamebar will be opened. And from that bar you can directly open up X - Bar for recording live gaming sections. This will also help in other situations to do your screen recording or taking Screenshot.

7. Lock Screen

If you have just the couple of minutes to go for your personal work then shutting down might take a lot of time. The easy way to avoid shut down is.

Press - WINDOWS + L

And it will lock your PC Quickly.

8. Minimize all Windows

Suppose, You working on your PC Doing something personal. And suddenly one of your friend or family members enters at your room, So, if you want to hide, Then the fastest way to hide is.

Press - WINDOWS + D

It will Minimize every window.

9. Zoom Shortcuts

You must be certainly aware of the keyboard combo

Press - CTRL + (+) To Zoom in, CTRL + (-) To Zoom out

But if you want to get back to the normal resolution from the Zoomed In or a Zoomed out click, you can do it by simply pressing.

Press - CTRL +  0 

10. Open Taskbar Apps
If you pin your favourite and most used apps in your taskbar, here's an easy to launching them quickly. Just Press the

Press - WINDOWS + 1 (to open the first app from the taskbar)
Now if you want to open the 7th app from your task bar 
Press - WINDOWS + 7 (to open seventh app from the taskbar)

11. Create Custom Windows Shortcuts

Knowing the couple of keyboard shortcuts is awesome, but do you know what's even more cool. Creating keyboard shortcuts of your own, to create your own shortcut :-

- select any app or folder or file 
- then right click on the selected folder  
- and go to properties
- Select on shortcut tab and press the keyboard shortcut you want.

That's it!! Once you created the shortcut you can easily use your shortcut to launch the particular folder.

I hope after reading and watching this article you learn something.

Thankyou for visiting this blog I wish you all avery happy and a god day :-)

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